View Full Version : House for rent North of Bragg

10-18-2013, 21:21
Gents, I wanted to drop a quick line in here about my rental house that is back on the market. I have it listed through my property management company, however I would much rather rent it out to someone who is connected to the community and not trash the place. It is currently being listed for $1050 a month, however I would be willing to come down a good bit for someone within the community.

It is in a nice neighborhood in the Sanford Area. It is off of Buffalo Lakes Road and is about a 20 minute drive from post. 3 Bed/2 Bath with 2 car garage on a half acre lot.

It can be seen here


PM with any questions!

11-19-2013, 23:04
About to be renewing our lease but have yet to do so. Im going to forward this to my wife and see what she thinks. Like our current house but the rental agency leaves A LOT to be desired...

12-13-2013, 20:38
Thanks for the inquiries. Thought house was rented, however the couple that supposed to move in backed out on me.

So the house is back on the market.