View Full Version : ammo for sale: 5.45 and 9mm

10-10-2013, 12:03
For sale:
290 rds of 5.45 Wolf 60 gr FMJ $58
20 cents per rd and I'll throw in extra 31 rds of 53 gr 7n6.
Ammoman has it for .26 /rd

500 rds of FreedomMunition 9mm blaster $110
Reviews are solid and I never had problem either.
FM has it for $121 ($140 with shipping) and it's out of stock. http://www.freedommunitions.com/9mm-115-gr-RN-B-p/b9r115r-b0500.htm

My loss, your gain. I'm trying to finance a sine pari build. One dollah at a time:D
As always, I prefer local dealings. Shipping w/ UPS can be pricey