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Team Sergeant
09-11-2013, 10:37
Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud

We are in possession of your real military records and the ******* videos you posted stating you were a "Green Beret".

We know that is a lie Kent Alan Alwood, we know you served 10 months in Vietnam we also know you were discharged as a Private.

We also know you've been telling lies and telling folks you were a SGM and served with 5th Special Forces Group.

Those days are over Kent Alwood of www.pipehitterstactical.com

Team Sergeant




Pipe Hitters Tactical

09-11-2013, 11:44
“CIA’s Gulf of Tonkin Secrets”

When retired Special Forces soldier Kurt Andrew Atwood receives a call in July of 1991 from "The Company," he can't imagine what the CIA needs from him. Now running a security firm, Atwood is older and has changed since his service in the Vietnam War.
He discovers he's being recruited to run an unauthorized, undercover mission to rescue General Fong and his family.

Damn, I suspect the book isn't true either.

09-11-2013, 12:19
Kent Alwood's life - "...Fake, but accurate..."

09-11-2013, 12:23
Kent Alwood is a Poser, a Liar and a Fraud.

Team Sergeant
09-11-2013, 13:29
Did anyone notice the picture of the Air Force uniform on Kent Alwood's "Kent Special Forces career intro"? What a joke.

Kent Alwood Green Beret Liar and Fraud

09-11-2013, 13:29
The newspaper clipping of his time in Vietnam (17 second mark in the second video he posted with all the pics) says he was a SP4 with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade who volunteered to work as an advisor to a local village defense force in Tay Ninh province's War Zone C.

Not SF. :mad:


Team Sergeant
09-11-2013, 13:44
The newspaper clipping of his time in Vietnam (17 second mark in the second video he posted with all the pics) says he was a SP4 with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade who volunteered to work as an advisor to a local village defense force in Tay Ninh province's War Zone C.

Not SF. :mad:


Then he was demoted because his paperwork shows he was a Private when he was discharged.......

Kent Alwood Green Beret Liar and Fraud & Loser

09-11-2013, 13:47
When I was in the 1st ID in '66 guys wore all kinds of goofy headgear, but I never saw any SF guys looking like that . Didn't realize Chu Lai was located in North Viet Nam..Learn something everyday.

09-11-2013, 14:17
Kent Alwood states in his Bio that he went to the Q Course.

I'm sure he remembers what year that was.

09-11-2013, 18:33
Poser Kent Alan Alwood at http://www.pipehitterstactical.com/
Poser Kent Alwood of http://www.pipehitterstactical.com/
Shameless poser.

The Reaper
09-11-2013, 19:30
What kind of pipes are the Alwoods hitting?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Team Sergeant
11-18-2013, 11:14
This idiot's website is still up and he's still has all the lies on his webpage. Usually when we bust a Special Forces Fraud like Kent Alwood they purge the Special Forces lies ASAP.....

Private Alwood I'm going to make sure your name stays at the top of our Hall of Shame forever.

"5th Group Detachment 57" yeah, right.:rolleyes:

From his website:

Entered Army in September 1963
Basic fort knox
Infantry training - jump school – ranger training in panama – Q course.
66 -67 – 68 Vietnam with 5th group. Detachment 57
Went to desert storm 91 – panama 89 – did three - 4 month counter drug in the 90’s in south American – went to Haiti and was called to active duty after Iraq, worked in pentagon – retired from there in 2004.
Worked in Iraq as DOD security contractor with my son Kelly.
Wrote a book “CIA’s Gulf of Tonkin Secrets” about my time in Vietnam.
At the publisher is a survival book. Surviving a Hostile City, a book on how to prepare to survive in a city after a disaster, cover food and water storage and to come out in the spring of 2011 Surviving a Hostile City II a book on how to survive the gangs and violent in a city after a disaster.


11-18-2013, 14:34
What kind of pipes are the Alwoods hitting?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Crack pipes...

Team Sergeant
11-18-2013, 22:09
I'm sure Kent is going to dig into his closet and post both his Jump School diploma and his "Q" Course diploma. Until then I'll be calling Private Kent Alwood a Liar and a Fraud.

Kent Alwood pipe hitters tactical

11-19-2013, 11:45
Go to his website and leave him a nice message

11-19-2013, 12:41
Low and behold, it appears Kent Alwood had taken his info down. This group sounds like a bunch of bona fide bad a$$es indeed.

Team Sergeant
11-19-2013, 13:14
Too late "Private" Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud your lies will be on this and other websites for all to see. Enjoy your new found fame.

Kent Alwood pipe hitters tactical

Team Sergeant
11-21-2013, 08:50
Kent Alwood of Pipe Hitters Tactical, now that you have removed your fake Special Forces bio from your website I'm wondering if all your "elite team members" at Pipe Hitters Tactical know of your fraud?

We also are in possession of Kelly Alwood's military records, or should I say "Private" Kelly Alwood's official military record. How both of you were "discharged" as "privates" is beyond me. I'd sure like to see Kelly's resume for his contracting jobs, especially the military "experience" part........ And I'm sure Kelly can and will produce his US Army "Sniper" school diploma, you know the sniper school he posted on the internet. How did Kelly go to Army Sniper school and he spent less than one year in the US Army?????? And just how do you spend less than one year in the Army? I didn't realize there was an enlistment for less than three years?

Like father like son.

I've attached Kelly Alwoods records also. Enjoy.

Charter Members
Members of our Elite Team!
Kelly Alwood
Jim Wood
Tuhon Tom Kier
Brian Bardsley, Jr.
Kevin Reeve
Matthew Burley
Robert Gardner
Troy Lettieri
Ty Cunningham


11-21-2013, 12:10
Wonder what the other former Special Forces/ Operations instructors think of these developments?

I'm sure Kelly Atwood was discharged with something other than Honorable.....

12-01-2013, 14:48
Hey he cant be ALL bad..................

"Recommended by Myke Hawke: http://www.mykelhawke.com/survival"

Team Sergeant
12-01-2013, 21:45
Hey he cant be ALL bad..................

"Recommended by Myke Hawke: http://www.mykelhawke.com/survival"

I was wondering when someone would catch that........ a true 1%er

Team Sergeant
02-23-2015, 11:05
Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud

This moron just doesn't quit.

Check out the newspaper article, it's a lie and Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud is living the lie.......

Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud be happy no law enforcement wants to prosecute you and Pipe Hitters Tactical for fraud.

You're just a bottom feeding scumbag and a liar.

Pipe Hitters Tactical Asscociation's facebook page......


Team Sergeant
02-23-2015, 11:39
Pipe Hitters Tactical website is gone..... so sad.

But this moron is now living on FaceBook.

Face Book is the current home of the military frauds, just like kent alwood and the Pipe Hitters Tactical morons.

And I'm not kidding about FaceBook, it is where most frauds live on the internet. You don't need a webpage when you can just tell your lies on FaceBook and unlike a webpage you can keep your lies "private". And if need be you can delete your lies, pictures etc in seconds.

That Special Forces aka Green Beret you met on FaceBook is a liar and a fraud, just like Kent Alwood Special Forces Liar and Fraud.

There is one facebook page that has real Green Berets on it and they know who they are and yes 99.999 of them are the real deals.

Team Sergeant
02-23-2015, 12:19
Pipe Hitters Tactical store : http://www.survivalcorner.com/

This is where they sell their bullshit.

I saw your facebook comments on the Facebook Pipe Hitters Tactical Asscociation pages, you lying bottom feeding scumbag Kent Alwood, liar and fraud. The closest you've been to 5th Group was watching a Rambo movie.

Sue me for defamation, you lying piece of shit. Oh you can't because the truth is the only defense against liars such as you.

Team Sergeant
02-23-2015, 12:32
LOL, what a joke and a lie.

kent alwood, enjoy your fraud life on facebook.


Pipe Hitters Tactical is an association of the highest performing professionals in the world. Experts from many different disciplines have come together to set a real, acceptable, recognized standard throughout the industry. Green Berets, Navy SEALs, TV Celebrity experts, bounty hunters, top civilian and law enforcement. Every course you take through a member school, will be recognized now at all of the schools world wide. The standards and curriculum are set by the top names in the world. These standards cannot be disputed, as the top performing guys in the world have agreed and set them.

02-23-2015, 20:54
Pipe hitters? What does that even mean?

Hittin the crack pipe is probably the case. Or if I were to be crass.... Suckin' a wiener!

"TV celebrity experts"? Ooooh Christ save me!!!!!!!

02-24-2015, 11:14
I've always thought the penalty for these type of gentlemen should be detailed to SFAS support in lieu of criminal punishment. Let them clean the toilets and sweep the floors of the young men that are actually breaking their backs at Mackall.

11-23-2015, 13:23
There are some folks insisting that pipe hitting involves some kind of
door keeper bouncer stuff.

Never heard that in years and years of honky tonking.

The only pipe hitting I heard of was involved crack pipes and nothing good ever came of that or those who did it.

tom kelly
12-25-2015, 18:11
pipe who??????

12-25-2015, 22:59
pipe who??????


12-26-2015, 10:22

sounds like professional dopers to me