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07-13-2013, 19:42
Come Help me Brothers.

I am at the beginning stages of writing a 7TH Group History for Chapter VII of the SFA. I have been involved with history writing projects for the group in the past and I am looking to make a more complete product. With that I am asking any of you that were members of the Group to submit your histories to me for inclusion. We are really looking to flesh out some of the history including the 8TH Group and 77TH History. If any of you are interested in assisting with pictures, documents or the personal recollections please PM me. We want to include that History.


07-13-2013, 19:47
I uploaded a few images of CPL Larry Thorne; one is in front of the 77th SFG sign. My father was the Team Sergeant -- Thorn was a member of his team in the early days.