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06-25-2013, 15:47
Hello my friends,

I've just realized I've never posted my Blade Show photo story here... I'm getting old. And too busy :/

Anyway, as you can see (link below) Thursday night was busy, Friday was all about lotteries and assorted knives and makers. Friday night was also crazy for me, we visited Mexican restaurant for a start but I decided to leave my camera off most of time and enjoy the food, beer, and rest of the night

LINK-1: Blade Show 2013 - Thursday & Friday (http://pmgallery.pl/bladeshow/bs2013_thu_fri)

Saturday! It means more knives, more knifemakers, and the coolest lottery of them all: Emerson Lottery! But also Blade Show Banquet and party in the pit just after it. BTW, some cool pictures of our big buddy Bill here ;)

And Sunday, well, the day was slow, more talking, easy time. And also great lunch with Chris' Reeve family, Spartan Blades, Bill Harsey and Tim Wegner. What a great time it was. And back to the airport. Time to fly home...

LINK-2: Blade Show 2013 - Saturday & Sunday (http://pmgallery.pl/bladeshow/bs2013_sat_sun)

Team Sergeant
06-25-2013, 16:17
Piter, As always, Great Photos!!!!! Thanks for posting them! TS

06-25-2013, 17:57
Fantastic Galleries Piter :lifter

Thanks for posting.. :D

The Reaper
06-25-2013, 18:48
Outstanding photos.


06-25-2013, 19:53
Thank you for posting this. I would really love to go to a show.

DJ Urbanovsky
06-26-2013, 11:54
Awesome pics, buddy!

07-12-2013, 12:14
Thank you for posting these great pics!