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Go For Broke
06-18-2013, 08:09
From 1964, Special Bulletin Number 23, Special Forces Training in Thailand. (http://www.*******.com/watch?v=XakSYnhWCJI)

While there are a few other familiar flashes, I think none are as recognizeable (nor as long serving in the Kingdom of Thailand) as those 1SFG flashes. (Note the lack of the mourning band)


06-18-2013, 08:37
COL Tienchai was still the CDR of the RTASWC when I was in USASFT in '73-'74 ten years after that film was made. He was a "powerbroker" in the RTA and held great influence in Thai politics, too.

D Co, 1st SFG had the Thai mission and was detached permanently to Thailand in 1967 where it then became the 46th SF Co (an SF Company then was what became an SF Bn in the 1972 "H" TO&E changes) until 1972 when it was renamed USASFT (US Army SF Thailand for cover reasons) and returned to 1st SFG as "officially" the 3 Bn, 1st SFG until it was inactivated in 1974.

I wonder who taught them that "scarecrow" of a hand and arm signal used by the patrol shown in the film - we sure didn't use it. :D


06-18-2013, 14:27
Col Tienchai's signature on our walk on water cards was pure magic....