View Full Version : Chris Reeve 7" Green Beret NIB 2006 old stock NIB

06-18-2013, 04:51
Looks like the id's are PS/erased or non-existent??

Possible fake??

Chris Reeve 7" Green Beret NIB 2006 old stock NIB

gunbroker.com Auction Item=348452133

Bill Harsey
06-18-2013, 08:27
That looks exactly like a Green Beret knife manufactured by Chris Reeve Knives as designed by me.

One more time, The Yarborough knife as made by Chris Reeve and myself is issued to each graduate of the US Army Special Forces Qualification course at the same time the soldier earns the right to wear the Green Beret.
These knives have markings that will forever remain unique to US Army Special Forces.

As designated by Commanding General Doug Brown of USASOC when this project started over a decade ago, we have the rights to sell the same knife on the open market WITHOUT the markings unique to the Yarborough knife.

General Doug Brown who stood up this project, told us using the name the "Green Beret" on the open market knife was fine. I wasn't part of that discussion, that was between CRK and Doug Brown.

Bill Harsey
06-18-2013, 10:32
Thanks for looking out because the counterfeits keep getting better.
Please don't stop posting if any questions arise.
This is a good place to ask.

Just please don't send your counterfeit to Chris Reeve for warranty work or complaints... unless someone has a GoPro inside the shop :D

My reason for the explanation on the knife is we have a lot of new members here.


06-18-2013, 11:22
No problamo, Mr Bill..

I watch a couple places and would have passed on mentioning this one,, BUT if you zoom in on the cartouche on the left side by the hilt, they did use PS or some such photo editor to erase the CR & WH etches.. :mad:

Figured it be a learning point for new members. :munchin

Ambush Master
06-18-2013, 15:38
The counterfeiters even have a Warranty Card "signed by Chris" and warning Slips in the Box!!