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Mantis Toboggan
06-11-2013, 12:15
Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

I was in a motorcycle accident on May 15th where I suffered a radial head fracture in the left elbow. I had roughly 8 months of SFAS training behind me and was about 2 weeks away from signing a Rep 63 contract in Massachusetts. Obviously, my plans have been put on hold. I've had two separate orthopedic surgeons diagnose me and they both agree that physical therapy is they best route at this point and to not undergo a surgical procedure. They both, however, have stated that it may be possible I will lose a small amount of extension, perhaps 10 degrees. My physical therapist also said it is common to lose roughly 10 degrees of extension with this type of injury. I'm currently restricted to about 35 degrees but there is significant swelling still present. My range of motion is improving by the day. In researching Army standards, in AR-501 it states that anything less than 15 degrees of extension (where 0 degrees is fully extended) is considered unfit. I still have 20 degrees to go which I believe I can get to, and more. In delving further into AR-501, specifically paragraph 5-3, which outlines the medical fitness standards for initial selection for Airborne and SF training, under F. extremities it states "less than full strength and range of motion of all joints." This is extremely concerning to me. Have you gentlemen had any experience with loss of range of motion or known anyone that has lost any and were still deemed fit for SFAS and SF? The guideline seems cut and dry but would greatly appreciate any input. I've attached the link to AR-501 where the SF medical standards can be found beginning on page 51 or paragraph 5-3. The regular Army medical standard for upper extremities are found on page 6 or paragraph 2-9. Thank you gentlemen.



The Reaper
06-11-2013, 18:05
I had no idea that SFAS lasted eight months. Especially before being under contract.

Last I heard, it was less than three weeks.

IIRC, you will require a waiver, which may be difficult to obtain right now.


Mantis Toboggan
06-11-2013, 18:16
TR, my apologies for the poor wording. What I meant was, 8 months of training for SFAS. Thank you for your reply.

Mantis Toboggan
06-14-2013, 17:03
Thank you for the input Doc. Since Monday I've regained a little more than 15 degrees in extension. Slowly, but surely.