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06-01-2013, 04:36
Not sure you can call this shelter "expedient" but I could see it as an alternate shelter for those with land who want storage or "remote" camp sites.

A while back we discussed using 20-30-40 ft shipping containers as shelters. These are much smaller but have the added advantage of storage (un-built kits) and portability (pallet loads).

If the terrain allows, I could see one of these used as a storm shelter.

Sukup Safe T HomesTM are engineered structures that are suitable for all phases of recovery effort. They are quick and easy to construct, making them ideal for emergency situations. The all-steel construction makes the Sukup Safe T Home perfect for longer-term use, since they are weather-, fire- and termite-proof. They are also movable, making them well suited to transitional shelter needs. The round shape of the Safe T Home allows the unit to withstand high winds. They are also virtually earthquake-proof.