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05-20-2013, 23:16

I'm heading out to Sniper School later this year and am working on putting together a Ghillie Suit. I do not have local access to Jute... but I'm also pretty hesitant to buy anything online because I don't want it to be shiny. Do any of you gents have any experience buying Jute online? If so, what products/websites did you find worth your time/money? Thanks for your help all.

- Dane

05-21-2013, 07:54
Dane, which sniper school are you heading out to, as this will make a difference in your construction techniques and how you will set it up.

In SOTIC, now SFSC, we used commercial kits to issue to students on day one. I have been retired now for a year and a half, so not sure which kit was used.

Quick warning, the suits shown on the sites have WAY too much jute, that being said, Benning used to have the students build suits with WAY too much jute. Not sur eif that has changed or not. When constructing your suit, you should see 30-40 percent jute to 60 - 70 percent natural veg. That is the standard at SFSC.

Have fun at the course, pay attention, assume nothing except that you know nothing. You will receive the information and skills needed during the course. :D

05-23-2013, 00:59

thank you for your swift reply! I will be attending the guard's sniper school in Arkansas. I have been warned by others about the jute/foliage ratio and I will keep this in mind when building my ghillie suit.

As far as its purchase, where do you suggest I buy jute? I was also told to stay away from synthetic jute because it has a sheen. I have no experience buying this stuff online so I don't know what I'll get until it arrives.

Do you or others have any experience buying jute online? I am hesitant to invest my money on something that I know little/nothing about.

I'll keep my ears open during the course! Thank you for your helpful advice.


05-23-2013, 08:20
Try here:


Replace the xx with tt, I don't like hot linking here. :)