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05-09-2013, 17:29
Hello all, not sure if this is the appropriate place to put this, so mods/admin if I misplaced this post I apologize.

A company called Liberty Ammunition is making some pretty extravagant claims with the performance of their 9mm ammunition labeled USM4 Ultra Defense, to wit: a 50 grain 9mm round claiming 2000fps, 2'' dispersion at 25m, and 5'' width fragmentation. I have my reservations about this ammo, and was wondering in terms of a defensive carry round, and assuming this ammo performs as advertised, how effective is a round of this profile used against non-armor wearing targets in CQB/HD applications?

However, my main issue with this ammo is that, posted on the website and individual ammo box packaging, the SF rocker and motto are printed at every turn, even claiming to donate portions of sales to "special forces veteran services organization" while mentioning knowledge of the commercial restrictions for usage of, as is worded on the box, the "special forces association logo". However, when the website is viewed here:

they do not mention either the employ of or donations to service members of any kind or having obtained permission to commercially use the special forces logo or motto and have subjectively (at best) defended claims of mainstream multi-service branch military validation. Does anyone on here know of this company as a legitimate donor to special forces veteran associations and/or validate it's acclaimed "military validation"? Again, my main reasoning of bringing this to your attention is because of this company's usage of the SF logo for marketing purposes, and if they are not legit, I would hope that this website could serve or bring about the swift justice that they deserve.

Team Sergeant
05-10-2013, 14:29
After reading your post I sent an email to the Special Forces Association HQ and asked if that company had their permission to use the SFA logo (I think it's trademarked). Their answer was "Yes". They also said that that company contributes a lot of money to the SFA. The rest I cannot attest to.....

05-10-2013, 15:25
Not sure exactly who is in charge, but the company is basically POF and has some tie with US Autoweapons. Lowers are good quality. I haven't had a chance to check out the ammo yet.


05-10-2013, 16:44
Thanks for the replies, now I won't feel bad about buying some to try it out. I'm glad to hear that they donate to you guys and had permission to use the rocker. Hopefully the ammo will at perform as claimed, although personally I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

In terms of the ammo, have any of you gentlemen had the experience with lower grainage rounds having less ricochet? Supposedly that is one of the perks and I would be curious to see if firsthand knowledge supports that supposition.