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04-25-2013, 15:18
Every so often this forum comes up when I do a Google search looking for an answer to some SF related question, then a buddy of mine mentioned it as well, so after reading a bit I figured I'd put this up in case it helps anyone out there who may be in need:

My introduction post makes it pretty clear who I am, where I work, and (hopefully) how you can get ahold of me. We have fielded an awful lot of gear over the years, mostly before I came on board here, under the RSTA and TVS programs. One of my responsibilities as the training director is to help out any users who have this stuff in their team rooms and need an assist on how it works, goes together, its capabilities, uses, whatever.

If you are local to the Bragg area or passing through, you can call me up or email me anytime, and if I'm not engaged in something else you can bring your kit out to the shop and I'll go through it with you if you want. Free of charge. If you aren't local, call me or email and I'll help you out in whatever way I can. We have a lot of courses that we teach on this kit and its associated TTPs, but this isn't meant to be an ad, so check the website or hit me up if you're interested in that sort of stuff. I'll post responses to questions for the good of the group if it meets OPSEC, otherwise we'll square it away offline.

Thanks to all the QPs on here who are still in the game, and to those who paved the way.