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04-16-2013, 11:08
Posting this with 20th Group but affects 19th as well.
The rules for transferring our post 9-11 education benefits are considerably different than for the Regular Army guys.

1. Guard gets them ONLY if brought on active duty in support of GWOT if you went downrange after 9-11 once for more than 90 days you are entitled to transfer but only 60% of your benefits.
2 the second time you are activated you are entitled to transfer 80%.
3 If after your second activation, your total activation time is greater then 30 months but less than 36 you get 90%. If greater than 36 months you get 100%
4 If you are activated a third time for GWOT you get 100%
5 Enlisted guys must extend current reenlistments to cover the time your dependent will be in school.

My situation: I joined the Guard in OCT 2004. I was mobilized for Afghanistan DEC 2005. Was on Title 10 orders for 16 months 25 days. We moved to Illinois shortly after i un-deployed. When I joined a new unit I was activated under Title 32 as the FTS Backfill Unit Administrator for 16 months 11 days while they went to Afghanistan. I went to the ED office to get a transfer of benefits initiated. They asked for my deployment DD214. So I was surprised to see 60% and that my entitlement began DEC 2005. I thought I was getting 60% because I'd been in only 6 years. I found out the real scoop when I noticed i wasn't getting credit for addition time -- two years later I thought I should be getting 80%. No. . . . But, the other criteria in my favor came to light.
I went to the Regional office with my other DD214 and talked to the guy. Basically, I asked him to "teach me everything you know". And that's when I found out about the 30-35 month rule. Veterans Admin guy made a copy of my latest DD214.
That was on April 1. On the 8th I started seeing the missing 30% (half of what we were getting) being reimbursed directly to my checking account. Yeasterday we got the corrected awards letters stating 90% entitlement.

Bottom line:
* Guard transferable education benefits are prorated, 60% for one activation, 80% for two, 100% for three.
* We earn the right to transfer ed benefits based on Title 10 AND Title 32 orders.
* ONLY Title 10/32 get the benefit, not other categories like ADSW or ADOS.
* Total time of activated service matters when you have over 30 months in Title 10 and/or 32 statuses. Add them up, look for 30 and 36 months.
* Don't waste time with the State Education office, talk directly to the VA rep at the VA office
* I don't really get the requirement for the enlistment extension it is what it is. To me it looks like they either want to keep me around past my 20 or they are saving $ but making me wait for a re-enlistment bonus. It will be interesting to see what happens this OCT when I get my 20 year letter. I'm not planning on retiring but I wonder what would happen.

I'm very happy with the speed that the VA fixed this and very happy they are repaying benefits retroactive, that out of state tuition freshman year was a big bite!

04-17-2013, 11:30
Thanks for the info. I can suppport the Title 10/ 32 criteria.

Like many National Guard fellas, my periods of activation included ADSW or ADOS, for periods before and after unit deployments. The specific funding line items, or how the "mission" is financed, came into play with some of my time.

The spectrum of who paid for what is almost funny, as four men can have ten different funding source codes for a month long mission. DOD, DA, NGB, SOCOM, Title 10, Title 32, Title XX... And then the "You can't pay for THAT with THIS money".