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11-03-2004, 20:52
Have exhausted google and the like trying to find an answer to this question. Being that SF is well versed in local customs/traditions, thought I would throw it out there...

Just recently watched "The Last Samurai" with the wife. We noticed that the Emperor only wore one glove (and it moved hands, which was obviously a movieland error). Reached WAYYYYY back into the memory, popped Tora, Tora, Tora, in, and noticed that the Emperor was wearing only one white glove.

What is the significance of this? The wife and I are assuming something like "the Emperor is not allowed to actually make contact with another human, as he is sacred, so he wears a glove in case he has to touch someone" kind of thing.

Hopefully a customs/tradition buff is among the forum... thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light!


Bill Harsey
11-07-2004, 20:42
Dave, Day 4 and no answer so I get to try. I have a couple years of Japanese Art History from The University of Oregon (Duck-U) but don't worry, it had little effect on me. Here is my answer, They must have been early Michael Jackson fans.

I know of no Japanese custom involving a single glove but I do know a swordmaker who served a traditional Japanese swordmaking aprenticeship to learn the craft. I'd better email him.

11-07-2004, 22:43
Mr Harsey-

Thanks for the attempt, and for furthering the question to someone who may know; this is proving to be an elusive answer...