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04-04-2013, 21:03
Anyone doing the energy management program here?
With your ability/recalled state of "going green," have you noticed better performance during this state ie. in shooting, decision making, under duress etc.?

The premise of the program is that in the continuum of thoughts-emotions-physiological-performance-thoughts, only two things can be controlled: thoughts and physiological. The means to control it are mental conditioning and tactical breathing.
An emwave biofeedback tracks the heart rate variance. Going green supposedly represents balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic activation or being "in the zone," aka. an optimum physiological, mental, and emotional state.
IMHOO, anyone with prior vocal, tai chi, yoga training has advantage due to prior training in rhythmic stomach breathing. I went green in no time, and was able to maintain the state through the interview/acitivites.


My last note from master Gene Econ admonished me to seek/research west point sports psychology program as at higher level, marksmanship is more like 99.99999% mental and 0.000001% physical. This otherwise ultra expensive program is available 100% free for military.
I highly recommend it for anyone who seeks perpetual improvement and endless pursuit for excellence.

07-10-2013, 06:52
I am unfamiliar with the "Going Green" aspect of this, so I will have to do research on it.

Many aspects and principles of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness are very similar to what I've learned from listening to many of Zig Ziglar's programs, the first one to come to mind is the Born to Win seminar. It can be boiled down to, understanding and identifying that we have strengths and weaknesses, realizing the need to work on them, then work on improving yourself. Along the lines philosophies will improve.

I do not think that many in the Army will use the program voluntarily, because most will not come to the realization that they can improve or that they need to.

I'm not certain that I agree with the premise that we cannot control our emotions. If you don't feel like running, and then you start running, after a mile or two you will feel better about it. I know that "logic cannot change an emotion, but action will" to quote Zig.

I'll have to enroll in some of these courses, thanks for putting this out here...

Now that that tangent is complete....