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03-20-2013, 14:59
The name alone already throws me off.... :rolleyes: That said, is anyone familiar with these guys and the firearms courses? For someone who has been through SFBCCS and SFAUC, do these guys bring anything to the table that is worth learning or would I be better off utilizing a good coach from the unit and just working on the fundamentals?

One of the local folks is trying to get these guys to come do a class and want a bunch of us to take it at a discount. We all have similar skill sets and schools under our belts, just don't know if it is worth the money or if we should just buy more practice ammo instead.


Team Sergeant
03-20-2013, 16:26
Some of the biggest scams out there are Russian and Israeli tactical training schools as there is no way to verify their "experience".

Have fun.:rolleyes:

03-20-2013, 16:42
Yeah, combat or tactical anything is always a GREAT indicator that it is fantasy baseball camp. And having some asshat who is an unknown yell at me is not conducive to having me pay attention to what they are teaching. There is the rub, verifying their credentials. And I am not seeing anything the guys from the unit haven't taught or could teach me better than these guys. And their credentials are not in question.....

Funny how nobody has ever heard of them in the professional training circles. Well not really funny. Why my friends want to take a class from these guys when many of our instructors in the unit are more than happy to train them is beyond me, but I said I would ask.

03-20-2013, 19:49
Once upon another lifetime, my team conducted a JCET with a unit that had just paid for an Israeli MTT (yes they charged for what we did free!). Our hosts couldn't meet our standards so the first three weeks was wasted teaching them how to do basic marksmanship and CQB. They were appropriately grateful and we were well taken care of in our turn. Maybe you'll have a different experience. Personally, I wouldn't waste the money on anyone whose credentials couldn't be verified; especially since there are a lot of real warriors out there teaching "gunfighting". Good luck.