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03-04-2013, 12:41
Tips to be admin prepared for newly graduated Guard guys from the Q Course. If you guys have any good tips, let me know and I'll add them to the list.


I. Take two digital profile photos (One from the front and one of your left side, shoulders and above) and save to your computers desktop.

II. Then go to https://medinah.sed.monmouth.army.mil/PRO-File/ log on, you will see a blue box that says “About This Site” and at the bottom of the box click on proceed to survey (very bottom in blue). Complete the questions and when finished submit the file.

2: ALMS Training

I. Log onto AKO

II. Click on MY TRAINING (under Self Service drop down menu)

III. Click on ACCESS ALMS (click the small ALMS logo)


V. Type in the course that you want to enroll in:

a. CTIP (Combating Trafficking in Persons)

b. Equal Opportunity

c. Accident Avoidance

3: Global Assessment Tool (GAT): https://www.sft.army.mil/

4: CEI: https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/esgr (Civilian Employment Information)

5: AT/FP Level 1: https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/

6: Documents

I. Download required software here, for the LOTUS Forms Viewer (The replacement for Pure Edge) and APPROVE IT (allows you to digitally sign documents). Follow the steps exactly for “Lotus Forms & Approve It Software Instructions” (Far right in green).

II. Adobe Reader Software (PDF), acquire it here if you don’t already have it installed

III. Fill out forms:

a. DA 5960 - BAH (Do not sign unless told to) can be found at the following site http://armypubs.army.mil/eforms/pureedge/A5960.xfdl

b. DD 93 - Record of Emergency Data

c. SGLV 8286 - Service members Group Life Insurance (Fill in, Print, Sign, Scan, Save)


a. Talk to your S-1 guy for your GOVCC on line application process (if you didn't get one from your unit prior to going to SFQC)

b. Talk to your S-2 for your non fee Govt. Passport (if you didn't get one from the SFQC)

c. Get released by Ft. Bragg heirachy DTS so your state can pick you up for your state DTS. Some states require you to have two DTS accounts (one G for guard and one non G account).


Call your S-4 guy and fill out your SAVY/PCU sizing so you can get issued your body armor and PCU issue.

From Loadsmasher and some modifications by me.

1) State Network access. For the guys who are always on the computer and have internet access. Caveat is if you don't log on either once every 30 days or once every 60 days (depends on state requirements), you will get kicked off the network and have to re-register. Want to use a computer at the armory or use CITRIX remote? Find out the state requirements and get access to the state network. Ask your team leadership or company S-1 guy.

2) CAC card reader from your Supply Sergeant or 18C for when you cant make the drive back to the Armory to sign your travel voucher or NCOER.

3) Scanner and a secure thumb drive. You just spent a lot of time in training, do you really want to trust iPerms with those orders and 1059s?