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02-13-2013, 08:14
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Right Boots on the Ground: U.S. Army Special Forces in Central Africa

By Chief Warrant Officer 3 Terry Shelton
Originally published in the January-March 2013 edition of Special Warfare

On Oct. 14, 2011, the President of the United States stated that approximately 100 Special Forces advisers were arriving in Uganda, to advise and assist in the removal of Joseph Kony from Central Africa. While Kony’s name is not well known in the United States, the conflict he has furthered and the war crimes he and his Lord’s Resistance Army have committed over the past 25 years have gravely affected life in four central African nations. One recent observer noted:

“The most disturbing aspect of this humanitarian crisis is the fact that this is a war fought by children on children — minors make up almost 90% of the LRA’s soldiers. Some recruits are as young as eight and are inducted through raids on villages. They are brutalized and forced to commit atrocities on fellow abductees and even siblings. Those who attempt to escape are killed. For those living in a state of constant fear, violence becomes a way of life and the psychological trauma is incalculable.”1

This would be context in which the U.S. Army Special Forces would work to advise and assist partners in Counter-LRA operations, a task requiring a unique blend of operational art and design.2

continued: http://www.soc.mil/swcs/SWmag/archive/SW2601/SW2601RightBootsOnTheGround.html