View Full Version : New goods from Federal: civvie HST, AE .300 BLK 220 OTM, SBR ammo etc

ES 96
01-12-2013, 06:39

full 2013 catalog here, can also be downloaded as a .pdf from the tool bar on the left within the linked page, but it's big (111 MB)

I saw that Federal just updated their site with 2013 goodies. Among them that stood out:

MSR ammo (for 20" or less) with higher primer hardness; flash suppressed powder tuned for 20" or shorter bbls, Fusion bullet

-included in the above is 6.8 SPC ammo with a 115 gr Fusion bullet (.378 BC), no doubt related to the Jordanian contract for the same; as an aside I would like to see some 6.5 Grendel ammo in this same line since Federal already loads a suitable 120 gr Fusion bullet (.390 BC) for the .260 Rem.

American Eagle .300 blk, subsonic 220 gr OTM to feed the uppers of those of us with cans

42 gr, copper plated, subsonic .22 LR ammo for keeping our rimfire cans cleaner

Also I saw in the new offerings that Federal has finally gotten serious (or caught up on LEO ammo orders) about marketing HST pistol ammo to civvies, though I don't see the 147 gr 9mm load there. No matter, there are other ways to procure that, well until this recent rush.

Also some suppressor specific 9mm and .45 ammo.

There are a lot of other new items in the new catalog, something for everyone. Who knows when we'll see it until things settle though.

I'm looking forward to the annual SHOT show reports. :)