View Full Version : enlisted to M.D. program at USUHS

01-10-2013, 05:58

Feel free to pass this memo along to anyone who would be interested - not just 18 series, and not just army...

I literally came across this memo in my FST by accident today, after having a discussion with a local 18D about how to make the jump to medical school.

BLUF: USUHS is starting a 2-year program where enlisted SMs who already have 4-year degrees will be assigned to the school to complete the "pre-med" portion of their degrees. Looks like the first class will start in the summer of 2014.

I have NO further info on this program myself, - 2 POCs are listed in the document, but this is so new I suspect even they will not yet have much in the way of specifics. Obviously the big unknowns at this point are how many will be in each class, and the application procedure.

As always, any 18 series who is interested in talking to a M.D. about how to make the jump from 18D to MD is welcome to ping me offline to ask any questions - about this program in specific I have no more information though...

(Sorry about the cover sheet on the document - only have gov't scanner over here and can't edit it out...)