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01-02-2013, 20:49
I noticed the other day that Hodgden has a new powder CFE 223 and curious to know if any of you have used it and what your opinion of it is.

01-02-2013, 22:08
Ooooo....oooo....Another place I can be useful! Maybe. But probably not.

I knew of one of the Palma shooters (Mike) around here trying it out. I never got any specifics out of him, but it seemed to work pretty good in .308. I wouldn't say it is any better than Varget, IMR 4895, or the other powders we prefer for .308 that we know very well; At best it's an alternative. If he was using it in the last match, he did pretty well with it, since he came in 2nd, and was beat in X-count by another shooter who was using a 6BR. However, Mike may have done just as well with a sling-shot and some marble. :D

It should also work just fine in .223/5.56. It would be an excellent powder for 3-Gun or Infantry Trophy where there are large rapid-fire round counts.

I do not have any use for it yet; I do not see the copper-fouling reduction as something that would do me any good because I am going to clean my rifle at the end of the day, and the most I will shoot during a day is 88 rounds.

And I do not think it will make my barrel last any longer either since throat erosion is a result of pressure and heat.

With that being said, it might just be dandy in something like a .243 hunting rifle where there is going to be a lot of copper fouling in a short period of time. It's also a ball powder, so it will run through a powder measure very consistently.

EDIT: I am going to say that it works as advertised. I read the article/test the Hodgon put out for it in their magazine. Their article showed bore-scope pictures that showed that CFE not only lessens copper fouling, but also reduces already built up copper deposits. It is supposed to work by not allowing the vaporized (plasma-ized) copper to adhere to the bore, or something to that effect.