View Full Version : Special Forces/Ranger Superhero

12-24-2012, 23:04
Merry Christmas, gents.

I have a present for the community:

My brother is downrange and came across this jackwagon's info and sent the link to me when he saw the claims of SF/RGR lineage.

I searched around and couldn't find anything already posted on this clown so I'll present him as fun little Christmas present to shake and bang around to see if he is as fragile as he looks. Evidently, the "Guardians of Valor" website (where Mr. Medina's information has been posted) is currently pursuing him for his numerous claims.


Then again, it might be best if he is served up a misguided lamb who is begging to be roasted and eaten as a holiday feast by sheep dogs for his blatant stupidity, arrogance and disrespect.

12-25-2012, 06:20
Ah, the entitlement mindset. Why work hard and earn something when it is so much easier to simply claim it and reap the benefits? Then when questioned, you simply ignore or attack the person questioning you.

12-25-2012, 07:47
Another douchebag liar and fraud.;)