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12-16-2012, 12:08
First off, to whoever came up with this INCREDIBLY accurate standard to measure overall fitness, kudos to you. I will tell you that this wipes the floor with the Army PT test because one who appears fit can train for the minimum in those events easily and be in bad shape. (Example would be your powerlifting type that hasn't ran more than 4 miles in his life). While unlikely, I hope that this replaces the regular PT test Army wide someday. Unfortunately it is somewhat more resource intensive and takes much longer to administer, and does not take into account age.

For those not aware of it it can be found at http://blog.refactortactical.com/special-forces-pt-test-upper-body-round-robin/

Looking at the numbers, simply passing this test with a 900 ensures that guys are in decent shape. If you are pushing scoring 1300-1400 you are an absolute monster. Anyone working crossfit, HIIT workouts, and long distance running with interval work should approach that number. I think if you look at the guys with those scores you will see an elite soldier capable of short high intensity activities and long runs/rucks as well.

Now that the test is filtering into alot of different organizations, I would like to ask what people are seeing. High scores? Failures of people considered fit by Army standards?

If you found this via search and want to train for it, check out Stew Smith's workout plan and EBOOK here: http://www.stewsmith.com/linkpages/UBRR.htm

12-21-2012, 17:09
I tried this test today without the rope climb and shuttle run.

The muscle work is plenty do-able, but the 5 mile run kicked my ass. Those first two miles are fine, but if you are not conditioned for it, the last 3 miles are when your legs tell you "I do not want to be doing this."

I will be trying this again this week with a 5 mile ruck instead of the run.

12-21-2012, 23:49
I tried this test today without the rope climb and shuttle run.

The muscle work is plenty do-able, but the 5 mile run kicked my ass. Those first two miles are fine, but if you are not conditioned for it, the last 3 miles are when your legs tell you "I do not want to be doing this."

I will be trying this again this week with a 5 mile ruck instead of the run. Then you didn't actually try the test, didja? BTW you don't listen to your muscles, you listen to your heart.

The ruck should be the EIB 12 miler maybe the next day . . .nah
Need to add a Swim -- say 500 meters untimed
RIF boards are gonna love this. Say bye bye to cooks, mechanics, medics (real medics not 18Ds) PAC pogues etc, etc. Solves the fat-boy problem too, a week before the APFT folks will be anorexic!

I like how the minimum is 100 points. Kinda gives credit where credit is due.

12-25-2012, 05:42
my math must have left much to be desired or something...

Let's see
"Pass all events with at least the minimum score, and Receive at least 1100 total points from all the events combined."

9 events, 1 pass/fail. Looks like 800 min score to me.

Only managed 977 without much prep. Kipp up is my favorite since I do wiper blades for fun :lifter

12-25-2012, 13:06
Word on the street is you may see this in certain MOS's during the Q- and a good score to shoot for is 1200-1300. Get to it , boys!

12-25-2012, 13:11
Performed this test this morning. Only real "trouble" was the rope climb, which I've always done in only ACUs. Made it up fast but I felt, and probably looked, like a first timer... :D

Next time the ruck will be first, or with lots of hills. More of Dozer's "heart" stuff might be required then.

The test is usually done with a 20LB vest on. Don't be a hero, use your legs! Dont extend your arms more than half way above your head, and push off with your legs, working that cinch the whole time. Go for speed too, you don't want to be hanging on that rope for too long.

As for the five mile run, start working in longer runs around 7-10 miles at 9 minute paces once a week. This will get your mileage up, and also put in two four to six mile runs per week at near your top speed. Don't train for a five mile run by running five miles and calling it quits, push it further and be patient.

12-25-2012, 21:41
Word on the street is you may see this in certain MOS's during the Q- and a good score to shoot for is 1200-1300. Get to it , boys!

It has been seen! My IODA administrated this to Alphas, Charlies and Echos. I believe the bravos were in the field making big rocks into smaller ones at the time it was given and the Deltas were tending to their patients.

Rumor mill has it that IODA's are going away and that the pipeline is changing (as everyone experiences, 3 changes thus far in my time with SWC) so I am unsure what role the UBRR will have for future classes but it was a good assessment.

12-26-2012, 13:50
Why not substitute Sit-ups with Sandbag Get-ups.....WAY more functional.

Easy to also test the all important Metabolic Conditioning by introducing a cardio element into some of the stamina elements.
i.e. - Bench Press + Sit-ups + shuttle run 5 rnds for time.

It feels like some of the element mix is redundant, high rep dips mixed with high rep shoulder width pushups mixed with high rep Bench Press
(14 reps to get 125 points to reach minimum pass)

Sit-ups seem WAY over scored. Seeing as 75 reps in 60 seconds is pretty achievable as a max score and scores 200 points, were as most of the other elements realistic max scores get around 160.

And Dips seem a little under scored


12-26-2012, 18:01
Take the test and see how you do... It's a great test and when administered properly you'll be smoked....good luck

12-26-2012, 20:16

The test works for the organization for which it was created based on what they wanted tested.

If you have any suggestions I am sure if you enlisted, applied to the unit and were successful in training they would listen... ;)

01-05-2013, 21:09
you will get the joy of doing this test if you go to SLC

01-06-2013, 07:23
Word on the street is you may see this in certain MOS's during the Q- and a good score to shoot for is 1200-1300. Get to it , boys!

If you are selected and show up to the 18E course out of shape, the UBRR will be the least of your worries. PT standards have been set, and we intend to maintain them.

SBG sends

01-21-2013, 11:48
I am glad to see this taking off. When I joined SF in the '70's, it was a five event test (which was difficult to train for if you weren't around the horizontal ladder and trip, stumble and fall course.) The run was just 2 miles. Then, of course, we changed to the event course, following the Marine Corps' example substituting push-ups for pull ups. As stated above, a poor indicator of overall fitness. The UBRR seems to have it nailed. A swim event would complete it, as Dozer stated. I think I'll start working on this for my fitness program for my 56 year old retired ass. I am going to water down the minimums and punt the rope climb ( no rope and I hated them anyway.) And if I have an MI, PS.com is relieved of all liability! LOL!

01-25-2013, 19:56
UBRR completed this week and it was cold outside lol. if your headed to SLC get ready for it.

01-29-2013, 20:04
Update for those interested: UBRR is being administered by the remaining IODA's and SOCM is now administering it as well. Although it is only a diagnostic at this level and isn't going to throw you out of the pipeline for botching it It is highly recommended by all (cadre and peers) that you don't sand bag anything.

You'd be surprised how some impressions that had been made in my SFAS class (05-12) have already eliminated a few form the Q.

BTW - The test is doable and if you aren't smoked at the end you didn't gas through enough!

03-27-2013, 16:09
Here's the link to the Military Athlete train-up program for the UBRR.


03-27-2013, 17:55
So this UBRR will replace the APFT in Special Forces and the Special Ops community?
That would take care of more recent 'events' with the upper body focus.

05-19-2013, 05:19
It would seem as of right now the rest of the force is interested in matching the door kickers performance and implementing the test. I believe it is a great metric but you may have some great endurance athletes who fall in the lower end just because the goal of their training. I don't see it replacing the pt test just because it is pretty resource and time intensive, and usually 295+ pt you have a stud. I am really glad to see the Thor3 program and things like this being implemented to develop overall functional strength, the kind of things that last a career not just get you ready for a school or selection. As a force we are headed in the right direction. If you don't believe me stop by at tucker gym on Bragg at around 1600Z

05-25-2013, 11:45
We just took the UBRR and I gotta say that it blows the AFPT out of the water. We had guys puking all over the place.

The Reaper
05-25-2013, 13:08
We just took the UBRR and I gotta say that it blows the AFPT out of the water. We had guys puking all over the place.

Reread the board rules, this is not where your first post should be.


06-28-2013, 18:12
Took my first real UBBR today...

PU 62
SU 78
Pullups- 12
Bench-15 @ 180
5 mile- 37:13


I would suggest you go 90% on bench, pullups, and pushups and try not to go to muscle failure at all. The most points canby far be made on the shuttle run and the dips (almost unfairly). The test is made for crossfit types no doubt, and unfortunately the skinny among us. Me? Id rather be 220 and stacked than one meal away from seeing my ribs. Overlal the test smacks the PT test in the face.


06-30-2013, 10:02
After taking this test a couple of times: My general feeling was those who did best on the standard Army PT test scored the best on this exam. At least that held true for the top 5. May not be entirely indicative just something I noted. +300 PT test guys scored well on the UBRR without exclusion.

Good test, real gut check for those who do not train in a balanced manner. IE. You can bench 375 for reps? Awesome, how's your 5mi run time looking?

I snagged a ton of points on the dips and 5mi run. Probably my two favorite movements in this test.

Look forward to doing it again.

07-02-2013, 21:35
Scored a 1200+ on UBRR and I had to work my ass off for it. Def support it over the APFT as the more accurate measure of fitness and strength, it's also the standard they use throughout the Q course now

07-09-2013, 19:50
Took the UBRR this morning with our SOCM class. Was in the top 5 (all 1300+), and there was only one other Army student in the top 10. Twenty three failed the run, which to be fair was in terrible conditions. Only 13 out of 40 in our class even achieved a passing score of 1100 or higher.

To be frank, the Navy continues to embarras us with their generally superior capability. I could launch into a diatribe about why, but I'm certain a strong factor is the institutional Army's antiquated understanding of fitness. For example, while Army guys are wasting time walking around with a moderately weighted backpack the SEALs are crushing Crossfit WODs, tempo runs, and strength work. Just look at SF's unfortunate "THOR 3" program which pales in comparison to the sophistication and resources NSW has put into its strength and conditioning program.

I continually hear SF candidates shrug it off as accepted that NSW should be superior in this regard. There is also a strong attitude among many of mediocrity, i.e. focusing on what is "passing" for all the various tests (pt or otherwise) rather than striving to excel as far as possible.

I may not be a QP yet, and who knows I may never be. But I certainly hope the community at large has a strong reaction against this mindset. In my opinion, the culture of any SOF unit should be such that it drives these individuals out, rather than tolerates them. It is, needless to say, disappointing.

07-10-2013, 02:38
Good job on the 1300+.

As for the navy, I could give a damn about what they do and how they do it but I would say fitness is a personal responsibility and if you knew the test was coming everyone should be training for it. I am around SWCS and I have seen this attitude about passing the minimum gates as well, and it is troubling. Not passing the five miler is simply guys not running more than five miles and that is on them.

Guys who do the minimum will do the minimum in the team room and in their personal lives. They cannot be trusted on an ODA. Identify them and peer them out. Mediocrity is a cancer and looks real ugly after three years in a team, a few deployments, and a bunch of alcohol. There just simply isn't room to not maintain the standards.

On a final note it is your job to lead by example and put a boot on the throat of those who think its okay to go to the bars instead of the gym during the SFQC.

08-10-2013, 23:01
My feeling on the NSW subject is these guys have already cut their fat. We are still in the process of cutting the weak out. Since these guys are already SEAL qualified they typically get to work out on their own at any number of gyms available for use in the mornings. Meanwhile us Army guys (CA, and 18D candidates) are stuck doing Insanity with a non-tabbed Radiologist tech 3 days a week. This was only for about 2 months, but not something we should have been doing in the first place.

I understand we are students, but I feel like PT is a personal responsibility. We should be able to self assess our personal weaknesses and be trusted enough to better ourselves. That or have an actual PT program for us while attending SOCM. There just isn't any cohesion on the PT focus. Some blocks they don't care, and just let you do your own thing 3 of 5 days, and mandatory runs / rucks the other 2. There are kettle bells locked up in wall lockers in two classrooms we never got to use, pull up bars, that were utilized for just 4 days of organized PT sessions, and tires that were only utilized a handful of times for organized PT sessions as well.

Doing my best to not come off as whiny, or unthankful for the opportunity I have to get this training and earn my place in this community. I just feel like us 18D candidates aren't getting as good of PT and prep for what lies ahead as we should be.

09-11-2013, 12:39
Scamilton: I can relate to your concerns about PT as I felt the same way in 2010 when I was in the Delta course. The only way to be consistent, for me, was to PT on my own at 0500 until that first formation at 0630. If we had group PT that day then I had 2 sessions :lifter. If we didn't, I'd go for a run or study depending on the current academic phase. That routine worked for me 90% of the time... The only phase I had any real scheduling issues was CTM.

Good luck.

02-19-2014, 01:07
I've seen conflicting information about what a kip-up actually is. Is it a "cheater pull-up" or is it clicking your heels over a pull-up bar?

02-19-2014, 01:26
I've seen conflicting information about what a kip-up actually is. Is it a "cheater pull-up" or is it clicking your heels over a pull-up bar?

The latter.

07-14-2014, 14:35
Credit for the creation of the UBRR would go to SGM Ed Bugarin and a few teammates. See link below for interview.


He still has the original piece of paper on which he and his teammates wrote down the evolutions. One of the most generous and humble men of his calibre I've ever met, and a continual wealth of knowledge.

11-04-2015, 12:25
I understand that there's a different UBRR test which includes the following events:

56 push ups in 2 minutes, then get up
66 sit ups in 2 minutes, then get up
5 mile run in under 40 minutes
8 dead hang pull ups
1 rope climb with a weight vest

Could some explain to me how these events shake on a points scale?