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12-01-2012, 18:29
I received my Arkibis earlier this week and have carried it for a few days now. I've been looking forward to holding one in my hand ever since I read that Curtis and Mark were working on a folder. When I saw the specs I thought it might be a little large for me. (I have small hands and prefer the Strider SnG over the SMF for that reason). But I was very happy that this knife just feels "right" in my hand.

The knife comes in a black cardboard tube with a velvet bag, bubble wrap and a lifetime guarantee.
The titanium frame is PVD coated Meteorite Grey. You can pick either black G10 or carbon fiber scales. Your blade can be had in two finishes, DLC Spartan Black or PVD coated Meteorite Grey. So you have four combinations to choose from.
Mine has a Meteorite Grey blade and carbon fiber scales. I'm very happy with my choice. My other choice would be FDE w/ green micarta ;)

My first and lasting impression of the Arkibis is "subtle". It does not scream "BIG, BAD, Tacticool Knife". All of the edges of the frame are rounded and smoothed. There is a slight edge around the scales, but again, it's smoothed and you fingers flow easily over the knife. The small thumb ramp is shallow and puts my thumb right to the top ridges of the thumb stud. Opening is sooooo smooth. The two bronze washers are sandwiched between four cerakoted surfaces and it glides open with no resistance.
The thumb traction ridges are aggressive and have a positive feel, but are not sharp.
The blade stop is hidden within the frame as is the Hinderer Lock Bar Stabilizer.
At first I thought the anchor of the arrow clip was recessed. But it's an optical illusion. So I think the clip could be moved to the other side if desired. The pocket clip is recessed into the frame under the bolt, there is also a notch to prevent it from rotating.

It's held by the rear fastener/lanyard hole, and this is the only part marked "Spartan Blades". Subtle

The PVD coating on the frame is something I really like. Every titanium framed knife I've carried looks beat up in no time due to the handling scratches Ti so easily pick up. I believe this knife will look as good a year from now as it does new.
This is my new EDC for the foreseeable future. Thank you Mark & Curtis.:)

Oh yeah, and the blade? A real slicer. Came very sharp OTB (or tube).

Since I can't upload huge photo files. You can go here to see the gallery here.
The gallery labeling is incomplete at this time.

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The pocket clip is recessed into the frame under the bolt, there is also a notch to prevent it from rotating.

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I'm jealous and hate you :D.

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I also have one and just love it.......:)