View Full Version : Blackwater URSA 6, Blackwater Grizzly 6

The Four
11-30-2012, 19:14
Evening, Gentlemen

I am looking into one of these two knives. Based of internet research, they seem to be high quality knives. I have seen plenty of video and "in the field" reviews on them. However, I am curious to see if any of you have firsthand experience or knowledge on them. I understand they are different knives for different purposes, but I want to see what any of you have to say about them.



12-19-2012, 23:44
I just looked the Blackwater URSA 6 up on its website. The knife looks awesome except 3 things:

1. I hate the curved handle
2. It doesn't list the grade of steel that is uses (important)
3. Not made in America..lol.

This is based on just looking at it as I haven't seen one or held it. Just observations. For the price I would look at Chris Reeves or Spartan Blades.:)