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11-27-2012, 15:04
In June I went through MEPs process for the COARG in attempt to obtain an 18 series contract. I passed the general MEPs physical and the Airborne physical. Took the ASVAB but the DLAB wasn't offered. My Recruiter told me I would take that in Basic. I was unable to sign that day because I required a waiver go up to the G1, he recommended I wait at least 6 months to make sure I'm not getting anymore tickets, that was early July. Weeks later I'm contacted by a MSG to talk about my waiver and said that it was his intent on recommending me for approval to the G1. I am thankful to have had a recruiter that was willing to do all this work for me despite me needing a waiver.

I am coming up on my six month mark in January. My question is, In the meantime should I contact the training detachment so that I can familiarize myself with the unit or is it too soon since I technically do not qualify without my waiver. Communication with my recruiter has slowed if not stopped completely since the time of the waiver submission. Now back to lurking.