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Wow. Thank you for sharing that.

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Here are a few personal pictures from the Ho Chi Minh trail taken around 1997. In the hut picture, the supports are the casings, or outer shell, from cluster bomb units.

Ambush Master
12-02-2012, 08:12
Several years ago, a BBC Crew walked "The Trail" from Hanoi south. They interviewed many of the people that they encountered and one particular gent sticks in my head!! He looked ancient and stood next to a Deuce & a Half (Chinese version) that had a Tank Turret over the cab and a coulpe of Dozer Blades welded to the front/sides. He explained that when they found a bomb that they suspected to be a "Magnetic-Bomb" he would drive toward it, stop, and back up slowly..............repeat......gradually narrowing the distance between him and the bomb!!! Tha vehicle and him both looked like they had been blown-to-hell numerous times!!

There were some areas of Laos that we didn't even fly an O-1 over because of these things!!