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11-18-2012, 19:54
Anyone looking to learn or study up on Pashtun ... Here are some recsources.


Pashto Flashcards: http://quizlet.com/10242880/pashtoclass2012_time-in-pashto-flash-cards/

This is an OKAY ******* page: http://www.*******.com/user/LearnPashto?feature=watch

11-23-2012, 19:32
It is 'Pashto' in the area of southeast Afg and Quetta, and 'Packto' in the NE Afg and Peshawar, or 'Peyck-hawar' ( ‎ Pex̌awar پېښور ).

The videos from ******* can be downloaded for supplemental audio tracks to your studies. The addon ******* Downloader by flaviobayer for Opera web browser makes this convenient. IMO however, Pashto is too confusing to try to learn this way.

Instead goto softsonline.org and download:

Pashto Headstart, which contains around 700 commonly used phrases. You only need the mp3 files which are about 250 mbs unfortunately you have to download the entire program (900 mb) iot get the files.

Pashto DLI - Basic Course Semester 1 & 2, this course divides their audio into northern and southern dialects

Dunwoody Press makes the only Pashto-English electronic dictionary that I know of. Its expensive at $75 but it is outstanding.

Avoid both the 1970s textbook by Tegey and the Pimsleurs audio program, the first is inefficient and the other is a rip off.

If you're having trouble downloading from the SOFTs because you're OCONUS shoot me an email from your AKO to confirm that you're military, then I'll send you the materials if you cover shipping and the cost of USB stick or SD Card.

If you aren't able to register with SOFTs, then you can goto http://gloss.dliflc.edu/Default.aspx and start with the level 1 files. You might still need a textbook, I have never use this one but it appears to be the only one that isn't merely a reprint of a 19th century text. http://www.amazon.com/Pashto-Elementary-Textbook-Rahmon-Inomkhojayev/dp/1589017730

11-23-2012, 19:36
Thanks. Is this the same "pashto" that the Army put out on disk? If so it is worthless. It is not even Pashto is is Packto sp.

If you're talking about the one that comes with a little brown booklet, every terp I showed the book to told me that it was waaaay off.

11-24-2012, 11:40
Oakie your right.. To a point. Within Afghanitsan different parts speak a different dialects of phasto.

Take Yes - Ho.. Southern:Qandahar/Uruzgan/ Helmond is is Ho/who now go to the East it is Ho to a Ha to a messed up H sounding vocal sound. Patika has a hass sound. Along the Eastern border of AF/PK from Mommond Agency to Bajaur Agency you have this " Packto " dialect. I can explain more if needed.

Then you have Nuristan, which it's Pashtun people but speak a "Nuri" which has a Pashto base but for me is nothing close to pashto.

The one ******* that is the blue background one. Is more of a Kandahar/Quetta dialect or gammar.

12-20-2012, 06:37
Currently in the SOLT Pashto course. The best material I have found is CL-150 from Transparent as it almost parallels what is taught and the DLI Headstart. Unfortunately I was in the class that got screwed over by a month and a half due to "contract dispute" so I have to use whatever I can find to get up to speed.