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11-04-2012, 17:38

2011 Model M1A SOCOM 16
Green Composite stock
Less than 250 rds fired
$1500 OBO

Looking to build new rifle. WTS upon return from OEF (30 days).


11-04-2012, 18:18
While we try and cut some slack to deployed folks...

post #2 is a sale post? Really???:rolleyes:

-Bad form

11-04-2012, 18:31
QPs and respected community members,

I have been enlighted as to my unintentional offense. I assume full responsibility of my unfortunate mistake, and I will refrain from posting any further. I hope this will not affect my ability to utilize this sight for the great resource that it is. Please disreguard this message as I do not know how or if I can remove the thread. My sincerest apologies to all QPs and community members that I offended with this action.

Very Respectfully,

11-04-2012, 18:38

Simply continue to move forward...

Stay safe where you are, keep your head on a swivel, and do what you are called upon to do.

Simple learning point. Integrate yourself to a community prior to trying to peddle your wears.

Read much, search often, post when desired and appropriate.

As I said before - we try and cut our deployed guests some element of slack. You have enough going on without someone being an internet asshole. By the same token - you have an element of responsibility for your own situational awareness and actions. Looks like you have accepted that on the spot correction.

Stay safe, do good things, good luck on your sale.