View Full Version : U.S. Army Beefing Up Partnership With Special Forces in Africa

11-04-2012, 13:49
“Increased collaboration and participation in Special Forces-sponsored exercises is a particular area of emphasis,” he said.



11-04-2012, 14:08
Well lets see here.. For many years the Tuareg rebellion has been building, yet no one says they saw it coming.. hum???

Then you have the Coup d'état, were soldiers dissatisfied with the course of the Army attacked Defense Minister Sadio Gassama. Better to say they stoned the hell out of his car and he left their camp.

Now you have Tuareg rebellion launching offensives with the aim of capturing several towns and army camps abandoned by the Malian army.

So this is just one country to talk about. The list goes on. Then with the AQ influences (AQIM or MOJWA) are pulling at the weak links in so many different countries and areas.

But once again, what gains is it in for the USA??

11-05-2012, 11:02
Reasons to become more active in Africa? A lot of minerals still to be mined in sub-Saharan Africa in which the Chinese are more and more heavily involved. The Suez Canal in Egypt is a major concern with the Muslim Brotherhood in power. Terrorist training camps being set up in Northern Africa and in the Horn of Africa.
And probably the most important, protecting the Mountain Gorillas and the tourists which are a major source of tourism dollars...