View Full Version : Miles Benjamin Whittington fraud and poser

Team Sergeant
10-22-2012, 21:23
Too late butthead, now you are listed as a total fraud and poser. I have your fake certificates and they are very amusing. Now you will live forever.

Dear Sir(s),
I am writing because I recently hear that my name was among the many on your wall.
I am deeply sorry for the claims, awards, and reputation that were used. I never met to hurt
anyone by using misleading information. All of the awards have been taken down and destroyed and
the apparel has been disposed of. I truly regret that it has come to this and make a promise that such
claims will not be made again. I also edited the online profile in question so none of these claims are listed.
I humbly ask that you remove my name from the list, as I NEVER intend to mislead any more individuals regarding
this matter. Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration.
Deeply Regretful,
Miles Whittington