View Full Version : RF/EME Illness

10-07-2012, 11:04
Good afternoon,

I've recently begun employment as a RF/electromagnetic emissions field technician for an environmental consulting firm. The field work of the job involves me traveling to sites where wireless service antennas are mounted (typically flat rooftops) and taking photos and readings on the roof with a monitor.

That being said, I'm essentially just a couple feet away from several cellular antennas on a regular basis. I've been feeling very lightheaded, have a mild headache, and nauseous while on the rooftops. I thought it may be a first day kind of thing, but it happens every day I do field work. Currently my head just feels strange, like a small weight on my forehead and a little like mild bedspins when I close my eyes, even on my off days.

Has anyone ever heard of being sensitive to wireless antenna radiation? I understand the levels are much higher when you are near them, but aside from a few articles online I've been unsuccessful in finding much that appears hard and fast relating to what I've described. Any ideas?

- Dan P.