View Full Version : Photo support needed.

09-17-2012, 11:03
All, we have a request for assistance; you would think the FRG would assist but Group JAG said no? These pictures will be used to get donations for future support of SF and family. If you have any please send them to me at dbenn35649@aol.com or post them on the 10th Group FB page, thanks.

FROM Elena Steiner,
Don, need your assistance can you round up a few photos from SF families that I can use in a slide show presentation for the SF Charitable Trust dinner in DC mid-October? The photos might be used online or in other places, so anyone donating must know that they're agreeing to let them be used publicly. I have a lot of military photos; I just need family keeping the home fires burning. I especially need to illustrate the challenges families face: parenting alone, illness, stress of all kinds. :-) I realize most people don't photograph the negative stuff, but that's what I'm trying to capture. Can you get the word out? Thanks!