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09-10-2012, 09:57
Got this from Edgar Dyer who represented us at the funeral

Good Morning,
I wanted to pass on this information on Col. Palmer's services.
Its amazing how you can feel like you knew the man after listening to those who spoke about him. He was of course spoken highly of for all he accomplished as a sailor, a soldier and as a man who put his military life aside to continue to serve and support his family, community and church. He kept true to being a Quiet Professional for they said he didn't brag about his life / career as a Special Forces Soldier. His was referred to as a Florida Cracker and a True Southern Gentleman.
His Nephew, LTC Cliff Palmer USAF, received the flag and presented it to Col. Palmer's wife.

The Honor Guard, directed by SFC Joyner from Ft. Benning, did very well in representing and supporting the services. I didn't see any other former SF personnel present. I did manage to meet LTC Palmer and Ms. Palmer to express our condolences.

I added to the many other Red White and Blue flower arrangements with a nice card to him that said "With Honor and Respect from your Fellow Brethren of Special Forces"

09-10-2012, 13:15
RIP Col Palmer, Vaya con Dios.