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08-28-2012, 09:17
David/Terry/Cliff, Suzanne is the widow of SFC Ricky Robinson who was killed by friendly fire when his UH60 was shot by our air force at the end of the first Iraqi war.
Suzanne Robinson's son Chadd was shot on Fri. the 17th. He was hit 2 times, once in the face and once in the arm. He will be OK, the bullet that hit his face went through his ear by his head and out the other side. The one to the arm is still lodged in there and the arm is broken. Chadd is unemployed and has no insurance. Tabauri Bell is the person that shot him, he was on the side of her house messing around with some kids that live back here. When asked to leave her property he started shooting at everything and everyone in his way and Chadd got hit. She thought she could handle this by herself but is having a heck of a time! Besides the medical bills she has to deal with all the other bills. Suzanne has opened a donation account in his name, information is below, our SFA Chapter will donate $500 but that is just a drop of what she’ll need. We have reached out to the GB foundation and they are in contact with Suzanne. Please pass on to anyone who might want to help out, thanks.

Colorado Springs, CO
ACCT# 592034