View Full Version : Team RWB Los Angeles training sessions start this Sunday (12 Aug 12)

08-09-2012, 23:27
I am a member of Team Red White and Blue (RWB), a veteran support organization that is building a community in order to enrich the lives of our veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq through the use of physical activity. Please check out www.teamrwb.org for more info about our mission. This non-profit was created by a former 1/3rd Desert Eagle.

Now, on to the good stuff... Now that I'm back in LA and out of the game, we're starting weekly training sessions in order to get or stay in shape, connect with each other, and have a great time. These are usually runs, hikes, rucks, swims, Crossfit-type workout, that can be tailored to your ability or goals and I'm always open to suggestions.

Where? Trying to hit up more of the scenic stops around LA or Orange county, the mountains, the beach... we'll switch it up each week. When? Usually weekend mornings. We'll also continue to do major events on a monthly basis, athletic or social. We have a 9/11 Heroes run we'll participate in on 9 Sep in OC.

Anyone can participate, QP, non-QP, veteran, non-veteran, young bucks looking to sign up, any concerned citizen. Just reply and I'll shoot you a PM with some more contact info.

For those of you elsewhere.... there are RWB chapters now in many states and communities across the US, including Bragg.

08-11-2012, 02:11
I'm interested in this. Would like to know more about events you have going on in September.