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07-27-2012, 15:37
Re: Status of my recent angiogram and confirming cat scan.....

I going to post my "heart drawing" that the doctor gave me after he reviewed my cat scan ........ The angiogram reviled all the blockage and the cardio said that stints now were out of the question........... I have 13 points of blockage....... 2 at 100%,2 at 90%,the rest at 60% or greater........ My aorta is calcified which means attachment is going to be much more difficult....... The surgeon that would do the work on me gave it to me straight after confirming it on a cat scan......"IF" he does the coronary artery(triple,maybe quadruple) bypass surgery,I've got a 70% chance of living a least a year or more.......If I elect not to have surgery maybe a year or two tops....... Not much wiggle room for me is there........ I'm more worried about how Maggie is taking it,she has gone into depression and only wants to stay in bed all day.......She doesn't want to watch tv at night anymore,just wants to be in that bedroom resting.......I'm posting the drawing on the forum ...........:(

Big Teddy

07-27-2012, 15:52
Prayers out to you and family.

My grandfather (who is now 95) had a quadruple more than 16 years ago.

He is one tough Sicilian who still walks a couple of miles a day. We walked 5 miles together on his 90th in 90 degree heat.

I am no doctor - but I have witnessed the marvels of modern medicine.

Stay positive - and maybe see if you can get someone to stay with Maggie during your recouperation.

07-27-2012, 20:17
Prove them wrong Teddy.

Have the operation and then outlive the Doc! :D:D

Prayers headed your way brother.

07-28-2012, 13:47
Not the greatest of news but I have no doubt you'll make the right decision for you. Tell Maggie you're not going anywhere!