View Full Version : SF Hopeful in need of Career advice

07-08-2012, 23:51
I want to join the 19th Special Forces Group but I'm fresh out of AIT and at 20 years old with only 16 college credits and McDonald's as the only previous employer, it need not be said that I'm under qualified. I had originally wanted to go to SFRE this upcoming November/December until I realized that my resume may not SF worthy yet. I do plan on getting EMT and paramedic certified and getting some actual experience as well as completing my degree. But my question is, would it be a waste of the unit's time for me to attend SFRE this December just to see where I'm at on my road to Special Forces or should I just wait it out and continue to build myself up for a later date? Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

07-08-2012, 23:57

When you meet the requirements, contact the unit. Look at the priority for candidates and tailor your resume to that.