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07-08-2012, 20:03
Here's a good site with more info on Paul Villarosa. KIA from CCN who the compound was dedicated to (Camp Villarosa)...:(


Big Teddy

07-08-2012, 22:04
A damn fine man and one of my mentors before I went to Vietnam.
He was one of my instructors in 05B school.

I believe he had dotted lines around his neck and wrists with the words "CUT ON DOTTED LINES"

The man had balls of steel!

Det B-16 MSF
Jan '68 - Jan '69

07-31-2012, 22:20
He had a dotted line tattoo. Also big spider webs on his elbows that flexed when he moved them.

I was a student when he got his orders to VN.
He passed them while we were sitting on the school steps
during a break.
He gave an evil grin and announced he was goin back to SOG.
None of us had any idea what that was.
He was a fine instructor and treated us all well.