View Full Version : FDA Approves new Endoscopically treatment for Aortic Value Replacement........

06-21-2012, 13:23
Sapiens Transcatheter Heart Valve for the treatment of medium to severe aortic valve stenosis.......My cardiologist informed me that he believes this maybe another way to go instead of the current ongoing method that's still in the field trial stages and not scheduled for possible FDA approval until 2018........ This maybe the best way to go because it was designed for people who are too sick to endure or are in only "fair" condition to getting open-heart surgery....... Clinical trials found that almost 70% of patients receiving the Sapiens valves were alive one year after treatment,while only 50% of those receiving alternative treatments survived that long....... Any of you MD's out there are more than welcome to give me your opinion on this procedure........ Anyway guys % wise these numbers are the best my cardio doctor has found for me..... When the time comes I want to be ready to make that decision........:boohoo :boohoo :boohoo(excuse my sense of humor).

Big Teddy :munchin