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05-10-2012, 18:59
We have just returned from visiting our new grand-son,, and his parents in London. 5 weeks on the road. Longest "retirees" trip yet,, for us..

Had a ball,, with one exception..

I contracted food poisoning. Looks like it was a packaged meal the wife purchased. She and our daughter were shopping for something easy. Found a "deal" at the local chain grocery store. Prepared chicken, veggies, & desert for 10 UK. They purchased two sets. We all ate the 1st set, no problem for anyone.

The 2nd set the girls cooked and stripped the meat for leftovers.

April 23, Two days later my daughter made quiche,, which I am not a fan of.. So I had a chicken wrap, from the leftovers.

Within an hour I was not OK.. It went down hill very fast. By 9PM I was squirting from both end,, chills & sweats & major cramps.. Took Two(2) Imodium, ZERO help. Took one of my wife's Oxycodone 5mg, stopped the cramp for 2 hrs. Spent the night in the head.. Nuff said.. :mad:

Next morning we went to the ER,, still squirting at both ends... :mad:

Nice young ER doc, says I have food poisoning,, prescribes the following:

Dioralyte - powered drink to maintain. Did not work. Could not keep it down. Bad cramps & nausea. For the next three days I only had water.

Loperamide - stop the squirts. Only used it the 1st day,, didn't have anything to squirt,, also it caused BAD cramps..

Buccastem - Prochlorperazine Maleate 3mg - for cramps & nausea. Worked well. The remainder of the prescription will be in my travel kit.. :D

On the third day I managed to drink a little Carnations Instant with coffee, about 6 oz, AM & PM. Plus 6oz water hourly..

By the 5th day I could eat canned fruits and soft pasta, sparingly. :)

Net Net - Lost 10lbs in four days the EASY way. Not recommended for repeated or long term dieting...

PS: Here is a pic of Luca and Pop Pop @ Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, London UK..

05-12-2012, 17:54
Ouch, sorry to hear you got so ill. But your grand-baby is adorable!

Hope you're doing better.

05-14-2012, 22:21
King George's revenge? Glad you are feeling better. Luca is a handsome little buggah!

05-14-2012, 22:42
Glad you're doing better. Sucks being sick while you're trying to enjoy family though.

I've only been that sick from food poisoning once in Tunisia. I got so dehydrated from expelling stuff from both ends (sometimes at the same time) our medics had to hook me up to several IVs. Not something I'd wish on anyone.

05-15-2012, 09:01
What a cute little one!