View Full Version : WTS: TAG Mountain Ruck Coyote

04-22-2012, 17:09
Selling coyote TAG ruck with frame for $225 plus shipping from MD because I have another one in multicam and I'm trying to save space in the closet.

Here (http://www.tacticalassaultgearstore.com/mountainruckpack.aspx) is the manufacturer's site.

These ruck carry very well due to the padding on the shoulder and waist straps, carry a lot of gear, and easy to rig for a jump. The frames are aircraft grade aluminum and incredibly strong. The radio pouch is good size; there are TWO inside pouches for hydration reservoirs, and there is a map case in the lid (velcro closure).

TAG rucks are made in CONUS and have a lifetime warranty.

04-22-2012, 17:58
Sold in record time.