View Full Version : Glock 17 Gen 3

04-16-2012, 13:51
Local (Fort Bragg area)


Black/dark earth

Less than 200 rounds fired

three (loaded) mags


cleaning rod

Comp-tac paddle holster

100 rounds ammo

I never use or carry this...time to let it go..

Slight holster wear on left side of slide



04-16-2012, 22:27
Only willing to let it go locally?

04-17-2012, 19:15
Only willing to let it go locally?

hmm...Sketchy profile and looking at your other posts.... YES

04-17-2012, 21:38
Your prerogative of course. Though there is at least one here who's had a positive sale experience with me, and none that have not...

But I am curious as to what in my profile you believe to be sketchy. If you'd PM me, I'd sincerely like to clarify anything that needs to be, sale or no sale.

Edit: Yes, I see now what is, or rather isn't, in my profile that could be considered sketchy. I remember now I deleted most of the information a while back when I realized that my persec was horrible if you tied in my UN from various forums together. No offense taken. Still, if you care to I'm happy to divulge anything you'd like via PM. I'm not vested in it either way, but my best friend is hunting a G17.

04-19-2012, 17:43