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x SF med
02-23-2012, 19:01
As some other members here can attest, Chris Reeve took my Classic 2000 Sebenza from me at SHOT, I mean he really took it from me and put it in a box to take back to the shop. I was close to crying, luckily my T2 was available so I was not totally knife naked.

All I did was let Chris know that the pocket clip seemed a little loose... (hint, Sebenzas are built to very tight tolerances and the clips should not ever come loose in the detent slot) ...well, the mad South African wasn't happy with the way the blade was opening either - so he took it apart... and very eloquently lambasted the unknown and absent tech who had put the knife together nearly 8 years ago for knowing absolutely nothing about the tolerances, building, quality, etc for a CRK Sebenza.. or apparently how to process oxygen. Notice, this is a knife I've used as a EDC for 7 years... it's supposed to still be perfect.... this made the mad South African angry, this is not a good thing, trust me, not a good thing at all (realize this makes TR with his mad on look tame). I was not going to argue with Chris... almost cry, yes, argue, notsomuch.

I got a call from Heather (I think) at the shop last Monday (2/13) letting me know my knife was ready and it was getting shipped out - be on the lookout - how did I want it shipped (of course I said the least expensive method) and did i want to make sure it came signature required (of course, the knife is irreplaceable to me).

It arrived last Thursday (2/16) - sharpened, new clip, all tolerances spec'd, refinished handle... essentially brand new.

This is why CRK and Harsey are the Cutlers to the Quiet Professionals, and why buying quality once pays for itself over and over again.

It is refreshing that true customer service and quality still live.

Thanks again to everybody at CRK.

Ambush Master
02-23-2012, 19:43
I was there, and yes Chris took the knife and REFUSED to return it until it was RIGHT!!

Ya'just gotta love this mindset!!!


The Reaper
02-23-2012, 20:09
He took mine and Peregrino's as well.

I figure he will let us know when he is ready.:D

In the meantime, I have my D2.


x SF med
02-25-2012, 09:30
TR - it will come back all new and stuff...:eek: ... it's going to take me years to get mine broken in again... :cool: the frame is recoated with the newer stickier coating and does not slide in the hand at all.