View Full Version : What units are taking PS (AF) guys at this point?

02-10-2012, 19:41
I have been trying now for months to get on active duty and have again run into a wall. My AD recruiter told me today the my waivers and Grade determination are not sorted out but there are zero AD slots for me. He has told me that the Reserves may have a few limited slots but none with SF. That being said, it is my desire to serve with SF and I do not care weather I am AD/NG/reserve. I do not have a SF guard or reserve unit in my state. Now to my questions, what if any units are allowing PS guys like myself to join? I am more then willing and able to go to what ever state/unit is open.
Thanks again for all the help over the past several months.


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02-10-2012, 19:54
goon175 can tell you about the AD side.

02-11-2012, 03:40
I beleive C/5/19th SFG(A) TX-ARNG has not yet reached full strength and is recruiting.

I can provide unit recruiting POC if needed.

They are a 36 hrs round-trip drive, or an 11 hr round-trip drive and fly through Phoenix at less then $300, from your profile location.

I may be wrong but I beleive as a unit they drill quarterly instead of monthly, helpful in reducing travel costs.

Your comment "...zero AD slots for me..." makes me wonder.

I have no idea of whats happening at USAREC since the RIF orders came down the pipeline, but there are always 18X AD slots, the regular side of the house may be shrinking, but the SOF side is not...yet... I could be wrong. There are some tricks to finding AD 18X slots...happy to discuss these options further.

...So in saying that...are there no 18X at all...or...are there no 18X for you? What are you waivers and grade issues you speak of?

I will hold fire at this point until I understand your situation better, but this smells of a possible recruiting agenda.


02-11-2012, 15:58
Scimitar, I believe that it is mostly due to my situation, being PS E-5 with 8.5 years in. The recruiters are telling me that if I were an E-4/ at 6 yrs in I would have no issues.
How ever in response to this I have already been in contact with several 19th Grp recruiters in Salt Lake, and feel that may be that way for me to go.
Thank again QPs for the Help and support in joining the community.


02-12-2012, 08:36
Not to hijack a thread by any means, but I will be subscribing to this one, as I am going through similar issues, prior service MC here, E-4

03-12-2012, 17:57
just enlisted in 1/19th this morning should be heading SFAS in Sept.
thanks all for the help and support.