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02-10-2012, 13:04
If a question of this nature doesn't belong here, I apologize, but this is regarding a Special Forces Vietnam veteran I met back in November 2011, and I wonder if he is part of the forums or if anyone knew him.

Honestly, I do not have much information regarding him, all I know is that around Veteran's Day in Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY the Throgs Neck Veteran Association (AmVets and American Legion) always have a parade through Throgs Neck, and there is always a Special Forces soldier there in tiger stripes and his Green Beret.

My father (who served with the 1/15 3rd ID from 1983-1989) used to be the Commander of the AmVets Post 38 here in Throgs Neck and apparently knew the Special Forces guy, and finally I was introduced.

I was still with ROTC at the time, and was a bit in awe of the man to be honest, we spoke a little about his time with Special Forces, and I told him one day I'd like to be Selected. He gave me the look you'd expect from a Vietnam Special Forces veteran to a hopeful ROTC Cadet, he chuckled and said something on the lines of "Well, if you make smart decisions, keep in shape, prove you're a good officer, then maybe you'll get the chance one day and hopefully make it, its not only about the Beret, its about a family" (note, that isn't verbatim at all) shook my hand and then proceeded to walk away.

I didn't get a look at his rank or anything, as I only know what goes where on ACUs, not on Tiger Stripes. I did see he had a Vietnam service tab that said 1960-a year I'm not sure, and he had the 5th Group Flash on his Green Beret. And obviously he lives in the Throgs Neck area, or relatively close to it, as the parade definitely isn't as well known as other New York City Veteran's Day Parades.

If anyone knows him, extend my gratitude for the little conversation we had, honestly it gave me a little more wisdom to what Special Forces is really about. And also, since I am still in the neighborhood working out details for my 89D contract, I would like to speak to him again if I had the chance, not every day you get you talk to a Special Forces veteran.

Thanks again everyone, and God Bless
-Jonathan Rau

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02-10-2012, 17:32
We don't do that here.

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