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01-10-2012, 18:29
I have reviewed several shoulder pain threads regarding shoulder pain and injuries. I have a somewhat unique injury from a fairly common mechanism (falling from a 20 ft wall w/ anterior dislocation), with multiple labral lesions, tendonosis of supraspinatus and teres minor, and scapular instability. I sustained the injury a year and a half ago on deployment and subsequently took a day off. :lifter

I had a former 18D as my PA with whom I was fortunate enough to be with at the same COP, and began physical therapy, however did not seek further medical care regarding the shoulder for the remaining months of the deployment. Upon my redeployment, I was diagnosed as mentioned above, without a true diagnosis regarding the scapular and general shoulder instability. My surgeon said directly that she didn't know what was going on, referred me to her boss, and then referred me to Sports Medicine at West Point. I have proactively waited, calling both the POC at West Point and Ortho, personally visiting my surgeon to check on any word, but am still in the Army's Medical limbo, just getting drugs and profiles to shut me up. I have been "in treatment" for over a year, with no real results.

I know that the only thing I want to do in the Army is be Special Forces, and have known this since I first enlisted. I intended to attend SFAS immediately upon redeployment, however the extent of my injury at that time, in my opinion, was too great for me to go in physically unprepared. My question is regarding the decision to attempt SFAS now as opposed to waiting >1 year-18 mo. with surgical procedures, physical therapy, etc. I still am a capable soldier, and score 260+ on PT tests with pretty good pain but perfect technique (can't max pushups anymore) but I refuse to be a liability. I know that if I can do it for real, as in 12k dismounted patrols, often under direct and indirect fire, carrying 200lbs patients + full combat load, and make it work, I can do it for selection. I also know that years of the work without getting fixed will screw up my shoulder even more. I've layed out all courses of action (taking into consideration SF Physical, etc.) but without true knowledge of the medical system in SF, the day to day workload, and the outlook regarding injured guys.

If I was confident in a) the competency of my current care and b) the efficiency regarding timeline of said care, I would certainly wait for surgery and physical therapy and proceed accordingly. Does anybody know anyone who went into SF injured or have any advice regarding this situation?