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12-30-2011, 18:06
Some time back Team Sergeant had asked that I post some pictures of the PS.com knife with an elk. I've dealt with a few elk since then, but keep forgetting to take pictures. My son got his second elk this morning. It was in a nasty spot so we needed to bone it out. I used the PS.com knife for the entire process. I only touched up the edge twice with a ceramic rod and I don't even think it really needed it. I did take a hunk of skin off the tip of my finger when I dropped the knife in the snow and was feeling around for it.

We got about 120 - 140 pounds of meat of it. This was my son's first tough elk. We spotted a small herd from about a mile away and stalked up to 81 yards where he made a perfect one shot kill.

Anyway, here are the pics.

Take care all and Happy New Year! :lifter

12-30-2011, 23:01
SLVG360 was that a cow, or calf, and what was the ratio of meat to weight? Tx

12-30-2011, 23:32
I forgot to look at the teeth, so I can't be sure. It was a mature cow that had raised a calf this past summer. I think she was older and likely beyond her prime, but we have documented 20+ year old cows bearing and successfully raising calves. She had little fat and muscle mass was slightly less than what I would have expected. I would guess that she weighed about 400 - 450 pounds, plus or minus. I didn't gut it so I don't know if she had a calf this year. When boning a critter, gutting is a step that is not needed. I can get out the tenderloins through abdominal wall.

12-31-2011, 06:32
Tell your son that was a darn good shot,how old is he?.........;) :D

Big Teddy :munchin

12-31-2011, 08:49
Thank you sir, I will. He is 15.

He got his first cow elk two years ago. A large ranch locally allows kids who successfully complete a hunter education camp held in that county to hunt for a cow on their property. It is guided by a wildlife officer and a ranch employee. They do most of the work and the hunt isn't at all hard, but it gets them started with a successful hunt under their belt. He knew that from that day forward he would have to earn his elk the old fashioned way. He now helps me teach the younger kids the big game rifle portion of the class at this camp and demonstrates techniques for me.

Last year we hunted hard with no luck.

On this hunt he learned the merits of enough snow on the ground for great hunting, getting up early, learning how to find the animals, plan and execute a stalk, the disappointment of a plan not working and then a plan coming to a succesful conclusion. :lifter

I've killed plenty of elk in my own hunting and in the work that I do, so it is a bit of an old hat. I still get the gitters when hunting for myself, but the satisfaction to see the excitement on his face is priceless.

Take care,


Team Sergeant
12-31-2011, 13:13
Great pictures! (and nice shot!)

12-31-2011, 16:52
Some time back Team Sergeant had asked that I post some pictures of the PS.com knife with an elk.

I wonder why he did that? :D