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12-01-2011, 10:22
Do any of you out there remember serving under him? I have and he was an excellent officer.......;)

LTC Richard Hourigan (Ret)

I had commanded three Special Forces units while serving for fourteen years with the 12th Special Forces Group (ABN). This Battalion (3-340/5/85 & 1-383/5/75) was my fourth and final command. I served for a total of four years as Battalion Commander under both the 85th Division (Exercise) and the 75th Division (Exercise).

He has an online store you maybe interested in.......:D


Big Teddy :munchin

12-15-2011, 07:32
I'm guessing, but the original question concerned a battalion commander.., and that may have been LTC James Beard..? Don't know for sure which battalion was referred to.
As to the comment per SF being a "calling"..(chuckle).., in my case it was join the Hell's Angels.., or have some real fun do'n the right thing for God and country..!
So in "them days" it was the JFKIMA and JFKSWC, I think (No Acadenic Center then, just Smoke Boom Hill, and Camp McCall). Thirty-one years later.., I still had the choice to join the Angles..(smile)..!!
God bless all you sorry bastards, and love and honor to you during the "last Days." We lost three more of the bro's last year, and there's fewer, and fewer as time goes by..!! Mike "Slackman" Harding, San Berdo, California..!

12-15-2011, 14:12
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01-23-2012, 13:08
Thanks for that link, which led to his old pic of the Badger DZ here (looking west). Unseen are the massive upgrades in fiberoptic cabling that support a boatload of modern training infrastructure now and (off-camera to the south) the Young Air Assault Strip - but the real-estate (and trail network) will look the same today as it did for him snapping that pic. (Other than it's very much covered with white stuff at the moment.)