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10-21-2011, 18:03
Be aware....too good to be true is usually a sign of a fake/counterfeit CRK, Harsey, etc especially when it comes to price. Check out this web page offering "from China":


10-24-2011, 06:47
Huh. Pretty good counterfeit. Thanks for the warning, Sir.

DJ Urbanovsky
10-24-2011, 09:32
There are loads of them out there, and they keep getting better all the time. And not just Harsey and CRK, either... Mick of Strider knives posted on another forum recently that, when shown one of Asian ripoffs of an SMF, he could hardly tell the difference. They've gotten that good at it. Only way he could really tell from the pics was that the knife had a Bos stamp, which was incorrect for a knife of that era.

If the Chinese would just get their acts together and come up with original stuff instead of stealing the IP of other people, they'd sell a ton of knives. But innovation isn't exactly their forte, reverse engineering is.

Kit Carson
10-24-2011, 20:43
That place is a china ebay site..I alerted Rod Bremer, President of CRKT, who is in china right now.
They have one of mine listed...


I sent them an email telling them that they were using my name and knife illegally and here is their reply...

Hi Kit Carson,

Thanks for your email.

We regret to learn that your picture has been used without your permission.

To follow your case, please provide us with original clear picture above 200 KB without waterproof and related product link on our website.

If you have any further questions, please visit our Help Center at http://help.aliexpress.com/ or contact us at anytime.

AliExpress Customer Service Team

Still working the problem...:D

It seems that they are just sellers...they are buying and selling from the factory/retailer before they are shipped to CRK&T. I'll know more in a few days...

Bill Harsey
10-27-2011, 14:37
Anyone run across any Spartan Blades fakes yet?

10-27-2011, 15:07
we haven't arrived yet!

DJ Urbanovsky
10-28-2011, 11:36
Actually, you have. I think they had you lumped under Strider on that site. IIRC, it was a slim tanto.

we haven't arrived yet!

10-30-2011, 17:04
Actually, copies from China are an increasing problem. No one seems to be immune.

Hey Mcarey,

May I STRONGLY suggest that you hire an attorney and register you name and logo in China right now. Not some other now. Once they register your name in China, they can legally manufacture knives with your name and logo and ship them worldwide. It's not real expensive to do, but registration now will save you thousands in the future.


10-31-2011, 17:52

Thanks for the recommendation.